Project Description


“A way out” is self-reflection project installation on personal state of an architect. It represents ideal that subjective is objective and that the only truth is the one that we perceive. In this case, its self-reflection of my personal state in which I do not “do” architecture in my daily work. My daily work is with young and ambitious people who work on different community based project in field of higher education and economic development. No matter how exciting this is, my main goal is to work in the field of architecture, thus this installation represents “a way out” for me. Beside this, it also correlates with the “Close, closer” concept as the installation represents, in physical sense, a telescope to get a better look on life of an architect and focus on what is important. Each of telescope circle contains a neon red letter/word, first one (biggest one) contains “A”, second one contains “way” and the third one contains “out”.

Dragoljub Stašić


“A Way Out” is the part of Associated Project of Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2013.

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